Community of DeWitt • Friends in Service Here

Our codFISH volunteers are vital to our success!
There are a number of ways to help...

Volunteer Drivers pick up clients at their homes, take them to their appointments and  drive them back home.  Drivers use their own vehicles and are not reimbursed for mileage.  All drivers are interviewed, provide references and have valid drivers' licenses.   

Volunteer Dispatchers answer the codFISH line (315 463-5158)  on a weekly basis.  They answer questions about the program and take requests for rides.  Dispatchers connect clients with available drivers. 

Other Volunteer Opportunities
codFISH welcomes volunteers to help with the many aspects of our organization.  If you are interested in Recruitment, Publicity, Fund Raising, or have a skill you could share, we would like
to hear from you!

The Volunteer Application can be completed online here or call (315) 463-5158 to request an application.