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Our Financial Needs

codFISH relies on donations from clients and their families, interested individuals, community and religious organizations in the Town of DeWitt. We have received several onetime grands from local foundations.

Our expenses include: a forwarding call system that rolls over weekly to volunteer dispatchers, post office box rental, printing costs for brochures, postage, forms, letters, envelopes and labels and a website.

What we have done
  • We have enrolled 70 clients since our inception in January, 2013.
  • We have 30 current volunteers serving as board members, drivers and dispatchers.
  • We scheduled 119 rides in 2013, 171 rides in 2014, 240 rides in 2015.
Our Future

We anticipate more clients and will require more volunteers. Our expenses will increase as our operation expands.

To donate to codFISH, checks can be made out to:

PO Box 105
DeWitt, NY 13214-0105
Clients may request an envelope addressed to codFISH from their driver.